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Mark Z. Jacobson: “We have 95% of the technologies we need for the energy transition. And for the ones we don’t, we know how to make them”

The guarantee of renewable energy supply has become a fundamental competitive advantage for undertaking the energy transition and the decarbonized reindustrialization of all sectors of the economy. Fo [...]

New opportunity for the industry to advance in its transition with a second call for the PERTE Decarbonization Initiative

The Spanish manufacturing industry will have a new opportunity to progress in its green transition with the announcement of a second call for the first line of action of the Strategic Project for Econ [...]

Energy management, cornerstone of the European Commission for a strong industry in sustainable Europe

The European Commission defines five basic components of energy management to strengthen the industry: effective regulation, affordable energy, infrastructure, financing facilities, and single market. [...]

1st Report from the Renewable Energy Observatory of Foro Sella: Renewable generation covered 54.9% of the national electricity demand in 2023

Data from the Spanish territorial analysis specified with each of the autonomous communities. Renewable energies marked a new historic year in 2023, both in installed capacity and in generation within [...]

The European Economic and Social Committee calls for a review of the electricity market to ensure competitive prices and supply security

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has released the Exploratory Opinion on "Competitiveness and Industry," in which it analyzes the competitiveness of the industry in the face of the ec [...]

The challenges of renewables: strengthening networks, promoting storage, and administrative support

The increase in renewable energy to meet decarbonization plans by 2030 poses "more demands on the system," both "on transport and distribution networks" that require "stability and intelligence in the [...]

FIE supports Vice President Ribera’s announcement to open a dialogue with all stakeholders to reconcile objectives in renewables

Vice President Teresa Ribera announced this week in the Congress of Deputies that the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) will activate 'a consultation process with a [...]

The recovery of the tax on energy production should not slow down the competitiveness of the industry

The validation of Royal Decree-Law 8/2023 on urgent measures in the energy sector has brought, among other measures, the recovery of the Tax on the Value of Energy Production, which was suspended duri [...]

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