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FIE2023 Executive Summary

The event, from start to finish

Green Transition and Industrial Competitiveness

FIE2023 has been the reference meeting for the industrial and energy sectors, analyzing the factors that impact the green transition process to ensure industrial competitiveness, with a special focus on Catalonia. Foro Industria y Energía organized FIE2023 on September 13, 2023, in collaboration with the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) and Foment de Treball.

Where Does The Industry’s Energy Come From?

At the event, FIE presented the report ‘Where Does the Industry’s Energy Come From?’ which analyzes:
– The source of energy used in industrial processes
– Trends in recent years
– The opinions of experts in industrial energy management.


The event featured the participation of key stakeholders involved in industrial energy management: European, national, and local public institutions; the industrial sector and its sectoral representatives, as well as energy producers and distributors.

Artur Mas

Former President of the Generalitat de Catalunya


José Montilla

Former President of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Héctor Gómez Hernández

Minister of Justice, Commerce and Tourism

Jaume Collboni

Mayor of Barcelona

Roger Torrent

Minister of Business and Labour of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Salvador Illa

Leader of the Opposition of  Catalunya

Pere Navarro

Special Delegate of the State at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB)

Ruud Kempener

Member of the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Energy

Carlos Ontañón

Director of Transition and Environment at Forestalia 

Agustín Lalaguna

CEO of Levitec 

Virginia Guinda

Vice President of Foment del Treball 

Juan Francisco Caro

Director of Opina 360

Silvia Solanellas

Director of Unió de Polígons Industrials de Catalunya (UPIC)

Joan Groizard

General Director of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA) 

Cristina Farrès

Director of Crónica Global

Mariano Marzo

Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Earth Sciences (UB)

Pere Palacín

Professor at IQS (Sarrià’s Chemical Institute)  – Universitat Ramón Llull

Almudena Semur

Director of AMMDE (The Multisectorial Association of Women Executives and Businesswomen) Catalunya

Elisenda Vallejo

Chief Economics Editor at La Vanguardia 

Julio Tejedor

Former Technical Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Government of Aragon 

Íñigo Ansola

President of the Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies

Pere Condom Vilà

Head of the Strategic Analysis Area of the Government of Catalonia 

Joan Vila

President of the Energy and Sustainability Commission of PIMEC (Employer’s association of SMEs)

If the industry is your world, this is your meeting

FIE 2023 has sought answers to questions such as, can green transition be addressed solely from a local perspective? Is the current deployment of renewables sufficient to meet the energy demand of  Catalonia’s industry? Are the current models sufficient tools, or should we consider alternatives?

Albert Concepción
Director of Foro Industria y Energía

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FIE2023 News

Two former presidents of the Generalitat debate on industrial energy management from a Catalan perspective.

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On September 13, we discussed industry and energy in Catalonia 

Where Does The Industry’s Energy Come From? – Report