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The Meeting Point of Industry and Energy

The Foro Industria y Energía is the meeting point for reflection and dialogue among all the stakeholders involved in the development and management of energy for the industry. The FIE encourages dialogue and collaboration to place the energy management of the industry at the center of the discussion, as well as to raise awareness of its importance as one of the key factors for competitiveness.

  • Ecological transition or economic and social transformation?

    Albert Concepción Director of Foro Industria y Energía Most advances in humanity can be seen from the perspective of evolution or revolution. While the genetic modification of plants can be conceived as an evolution of hybridization techniques, the invention of the steam engine and its applications constitutes the example of a true revolution, resulting in the development of a new era and profound social change. Although some experts speak of us [...]

Industry and Energy | FIE News

Energy management, cornerstone of the European Commission for a strong industry in sustainable Europe

The European Commission defines five basic components of energy management to strengthen the industry: effective regulation, affordable energy, infrastructure, financing facilities, and single market. [...]

1st Report from the Renewable Energy Observatory of Foro Sella: Renewable generation covered 54.9% of the national electricity demand in 2023

Data from the Spanish territorial analysis specified with each of the autonomous communities. Renewable energies marked a new historic year in 2023, both in installed capacity and in generation within [...]

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