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The Meeting Point of Industry and Energy

The Foro Industria y Energía is the meeting point for reflection and dialogue among all the stakeholders involved in the development and management of energy for the industry. The FIE encourages dialogue and collaboration to place the energy management of the industry at the center of the discussion, as well as to raise awareness of its importance as one of the key factors for competitiveness.

  • Mike Berners-Lee, Universidad de Lancaster

    Mike Berners-Lee: ‘ICTs have a key role in the ecological transition

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have registered extraordinary growth in recent years. They stand to be instrumental in mitigating climate change, since they contribute to improving the efficiency of the entire economy. The challenge currently is to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible, for which, according to Professor Mike Berners-Lee, a carbon footprint specialist, they must themselves become as energy efficien [...]

Industry and Energy | FIE News

FIE2023 successfully opens avenues for dialogue to address the green transition in the Catalan industry

FIE2023 concluded its second edition with a unanimous commitment from all participants to strengthen Catalonia's industrial fabric, focusing on renewable energy 'to combine reindustrialization with th [...]

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