Spain needs industry, and industry needs energy

Manifesto for a sustainable and energy-efficient industry


Industrial Development

The industrial sector is fundamental for economic development, employment preservation, as well as countries’ territorial and social cohesion.


Sustainable and Efficient Energy Management

Industrial development relies on various elements, including efficient energy management, which allows the industrial sector to meet its electricity and heat needs with an eye toward maintaining and increasing its competitiveness.


Technologies and Solutions

To ensure this efficient energy management, the current energy transition process requires evaluating all technologies and circular economy solutions that contribute to advancing the goal set by the European Climate Law to achieve the European Union’s climate neutrality by 2050.


Research and Development

As stated in the declaration of Social Agents that urges the development of a State Pact for Industry in 2016, we deem it vital to “restructure our industry, prioritizing research, development, and innovation in sustainable technologies; promoting Spanish energy independence through the development of renewable energies, cogeneration, and domestic resources”.


Cross-Cutting Approach

In line with SDG 17, which addresses the need for partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we regard industrial development as a cross-cutting issue that should encompass all social, business, and political actors: from industrial companies, regardless of their sector, to local authorities and the multiple ministries involved.