The growing implementation of renewable self-consumption solutions supported by storage systems will transform companies of all sizes, including SMEs, from consumers to “prosumers” of energy, meaning they will become active players in the energy market. Martin Hörndler, Head of Operation and Maintenance for Self-Consumption and Distributed Generation at Levitec, will explain this at Net Zero Tech, in the roundtable “Decarbonization and SMEs,” organized by the Industry and Energy Forum, to be held in Barcelona on June 5 starting at 9:40 am.

“Industrial companies will participate in the energy market, be able to share their energy, and take advantage of other renewable producers within industrial parks, for example through energy communities, in a more decentralized paradigm,” notes the expert.

During his presentation, Hörndler will discuss the solutions that Levitec provides to contribute to the decarbonization of SMEs, focusing especially on energy storage hybridized with photovoltaic self-consumption. The company is dedicated to electrical installation for sectors such as logistics, renewable energies, data centers, and HVAC installations.

Storage is no longer an expensive and uncompetitive technology,” explains Hörndler, so the photovoltaic self-consumption solutions that more and more companies are installing can benefit from its advantages, “taking advantage of surpluses and increasing their hours of independence from the grid with renewable sources,” he adds.