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Foro Sella will analyze access to renewables as a fundamental vector in the location of the industry

Access to sustainable energies is a fundamental vector for industry when choosing its location. Together with other elements such as access to specialized personnel or a stable and favorable regulator [...]

FIE and Foro Sella organize the 1st International Conference on Innovation in Industrial Energy Management

FIE and Foro Sella, with the support of CEOE Aragón, the Energy Cluster of Aragón, and the University of Zaragoza, are organizing the 1st International Conference on Innovation in Industrial Energy Ma [...]

FIE2023 successfully opens avenues for dialogue to address the green transition in the Catalan industry

FIE2023 concluded its second edition with a unanimous commitment from all participants to strengthen Catalonia's industrial fabric, focusing on renewable energy 'to combine reindustrialization with th [...]

Catalonia needs to promote access to renewable energy sources to ensure energy sovereignty and affordable supply

To meet the new guidelines of the European Parliament, which has agreed to a quota of 42.5% of energy from renewables by 2030, a massive development of these technologies will be necessary, both for t [...]

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