The increase in renewable energy to meet decarbonization plans by 2030 poses “more demands on the system,” both “on transport and distribution networks” that require “stability and intelligence in their management,” as well as on “consumers and generators.” This was stated by Vice President Teresa Ribera at the III Edition of ‘Energy Revolution’, a national congress promoted by the Valencian Association of Companies in the Energy Sector (AVAESEN).

The minister emphasized the need to find “agreements among different stakeholders,” as highlighted by Foro Industria y Energía on multiple occasions, “without stopping in a progress where much is at stake,” Ribera pointed out.

Ribera also emphasized the importance of investing in a storage system “that allows us to make good use of what we have today,” as well as a “guaranteeing” administrative support to “adequately reconcile different sensitivities,” with the goal of achieving “well-organized management of our energy system that allows us to have secure, stable energy at predictable and affordable prices.”

Listen to Teresa Ribera’s speech here