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The Meeting Point of Industry and Energy

The Foro Industria y Energía is the meeting point for reflection and dialogue among all the stakeholders involved in the development and management of energy for the industry. The FIE encourages dialogue and collaboration to place the energy management of the industry at the center of the discussion, as well as to raise awareness of its importance as one of the key factors for competitiveness.

  • Ponentes en Foro Sella 2023

    Foro Sella will analyze the key role of renewables in the new sustainable European industry

    Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza, Spain) will host Foro Sella 2024 on Thursday, May 23. This international conference will bring together national and international experts in industrial energy management to analyze the role of energy as a key to industrial development, with a special focus on Aragón as an industrial attraction hub, as well as the importance of renewables in the new European energy sustainability environment. The event will featur [...]

Industry and Energy | FIE News

Promotion of efficiency and a greater role for ICT, leading to the energy transition in the industry

The transformation of the energy model will bring about an increasingly strong focus on efficiency in a sustainable model that imposes a reduction in overall demand. Access to renewable energy will al [...]

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