FIE and Foro Sella, with the support of CEOE Aragón, the Energy Cluster of Aragón, and the University of Zaragoza, are organizing the 1st International Conference on Innovation in Industrial Energy Management, to be held at the Hábitat Sella in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza, Spain) on November 24th starting at 9:00 am.

This international event focuses on the  analysis of energy management in industry, specifically targeting companies in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector.

It serves as a meeting point for experts, governmental bodies, and businesses to discuss innovation in energy management, and is a benchmark for innovation in the field of renewable energy management for the industry, not only in terms of technological development, but also in issues that go beyond that, such as the regulatory framework, the impact on industrial geography, public-private collaboration and new management models.

The day will host authorities and business representatives, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government, José Manuel Albares, as well as representatives from the embassies of Germany and France, the European Commission, and leaders in Aragon’s business landscape.

One of the main objectives of this event is to showcase the value of Aragón as a hub for the industrial sector and ICT in the context of green transition. To delve deeper, the event will feature the presence of Professor Mike Berners-Lee from the University of Lancaster, an expert in carbon footprint analysis and author of bestsellers such as “There is no planet B” and “How bad are bananas? The carbon footprint of everything”

Foro Sella serves as a space for reflection and debate, focusing on key aspects of economic and social development, including energy, environment, innovation, and the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event will also be streamed online. Registration is open for both attendance options. Program details and registration are available at